Dear Anarcha-Feminist camarada!

Dear anarcha-feminist camarada (comrade),

I have never met you. There are many reasons for that, reasons outside of our control. I don’t know who you are or where you are. I know nothing about you. But I know that you are searching, just like I was searching. Searching, and yet not finding. But I love you.

So I made this blog because I know you needed it, just like I needed it, and it wasn’t there. It did not exist because women have been silenced by both men and women, anarchists, Marxists, and liberals alike. We have been told to spread our legs, weaken ourselves, vanish, self-attack, and all manner of self-negation while being fed the lie that this is somehow what feminism is all about. With nearly universal contempt for us, we, the true women for total liberation, who fight all tyranny including that of men and even power-seeking women, have been completely shut out of the picture.

You will keep searching, and it is good that you do. But as of this moment in time, there seem to be no anti-authoritarian womyn and all anarchists are manarchists, all socialists brocialists. This is not to reject their theories wholesale, but to point out a critical bias. We are the missing piece.

Despite what some radical feminists advertise, no woman, whatever her orientation or color, is inherently better or superior, inherently more predisposed to liberty and equality. If that were the case, white-patriarchal-capitalist society would never be upheld. It requires the support of women, and support this system they do.

If you encounter an anarchist and call yourself a “radical feminist” — and this is very inadvisable — they will quickly doubt your use of the term “radical”, considering it a type of liberal revisionism, yet they will have no knowledge of the fact that womyn have been calling themselves “radical feminists” since the 60s. There is, however, a revisionist branch of leftists who have drunk the transgender kool-aid and rely on radical feminist literature, especially by Andrea Dworkin, reinterpreting the works to be favorable towards transsexualism/transgenderism. In addition to being called a TERF, you will be considered a manarchist, ironically, since they have taken to masculinizing us: and this is especially offensive to any woman who gets misidentified (notice how I don’t say misgendered) as a man because of her appearance, and it is particularly butch-hating. Since man and woman have been reduced to clothing and superficial stereotypes, and they need a reason to justify threatening violence, you can see how it would be easy to maliciously misidentify us as men.

All radical feminist reactions to transsexualism/transgenderism are solidly negative, because they erase womyn’s existence in all realms, and naturally since radical feminism is WOMEN’S LIBERATION, transsexualism/transgenderism is antithetical. The fact that they ignore women’s self-determined theories is proof enough of their male-supremacist arrogance, but it gets worse when they are allowed to openly nurture homophobia since not only women, but also sexual orientation, is also erased. If I were to suggest a proper anarcha-feminist interpretation that isn’t marred by liberal-bourgeois posturing, it would be this:

We are all allowed to do what we want with our bodies. But we’re also allowed to dismiss demands made by others about how to behave around their bodies and feelings, especially when such demands come at the expense of women. We’re allowed to deny anyone the right to lord over us, and we’re allowed to say that the Emperor has no clothes. Realistically, in order to change sex, one would have to completely replace every cell in our body with new cells to account for all the differences in DNA and body morphology. If such a thing were ever achieved — and it has never been so far, meaning that anyone who claims to be transsexual or transgender is either deluded or an outright liar, along with their sycophantic supporters — it would not even begin to address the socio-political consequences of once having lived as the opposite sex, let alone what would happen to the consciousness of that person. Most importantly, the anti-science outlook of ignoring biological facts is reactionary at best, and talking about gender as though it is disconnected from sex is dishonest because the only people with a rightful claim to control that word are those of the female sex. Gender was a word used by feminists to discuss the social reality of their sex, and they can do what they want with it, even destroy it. As soon as men assume control over the meaning of gender, it even becomes necessary to destroy it.

Fortunately, resistance is building in the form of “gender critical” women (and some men) as well as more vocal radical feminists. These flourishing communities are helping womyn resist this colonization of their existence (note that I don’t say identities because I want to be concrete and move away from liberal discourse). It would not be right to stay in this purgatory, mistaking our outcast outposts as home as we find common cause with all sorts of strangers with conservative and hierarchical outlooks. If we are lucky, some of them will learn from us. Hopefully, in the coming years we will see a strong resistance to womyn’s colonization, enough that the whole of the so-called Left wing of politics will be unable to ignore us. We are womyn, and we land on all parts of the political map. We are entitled to freedom. Anarchism is for everyone; anarchy is our birthright.

I think it is important that we build collective pressure, because it hurts all womyn when WOMEN’S LIBERATION is shut out of politics and replaced with a cheap phoney. As soon as this struggle is won, we can go back to thinking of ourselves according to politics. But as it stands now, understand that we are political outcasts serving a kind of purgatory, and we are not welcome anywhere. We are nowhere to be found precisely because male-dominated society does not want us to exist.

It actually happens that oppressed races (notice how I don’t say “racial minorities”, a demeaning phrase) have been through similar struggles, as have homosexuals (who had to stay in the closet). I am suggesting that it would be best for you to “stay in the closet” too, until the right time. If you choose to come out, men and their cowardly female-collaborators will blacklist you and, if their threats are to be taken seriously, they will treat you the same way they treat fascists, which is a dreadful perversion of antifascist action. No surprise that men would use any excuse to brutalize womyn, and well, women just keep on supporting them.

There is another issue which will break your heart, that you must also stay quiet about, if you want to be regarded as their “comrade”, even though this one will undoubtedly make them as far from comrades to you as Pol Pot: they are wildly pro “sex work”, that is to say, they support prostitution and pornography, and in particular, they will defend the pornstitution industry with great hostility and machismo threats upon anti-prostitution activists, and support the continuance of women’s degradation by promoting a backwards application of unions for prostitutes, who — rather than bargaining with their pimp and john keepers — should really be freed from that life altogether. It is not that these are the only men viciously defending the right to sex slaves, but the fact that radical leftists are among them is a sad state of affairs.

We can go into wild theories about the machismo of radical leftists being encouraged by devilish agents of the state, as they have so often been infiltrated, and because it encourages the Left to remain shattered. After all, without womyn’s support, there is no movement; all is stagnant.

You will no doubt feel the urge to leave these beasts behind, but I might suggest you do not leave the political arena all to them. Instead, stand your ground. Stay for yourself, and other women who might see as you do and who will need support. Keep your eyes open for a chance to unite with other womyn. The vast majority of these libertarian (liberatory) analyses are promising ways of life for womyn of all colors and orientations. Despite radical leftist support of the sex trafficking industry, to overthrow capitalism, the state, and especially all authority, will require an end to slavery, an end to prostitution. They will let you organize for your liberation in spite of them, and there has been no recorded instance (at least by anarchists — there are plenty of very bad, very sexist, Marxists) that I know of, where women have been massacred for self-organizing. The truth is, they don’t want to question it, because they would be labeled manarchists — and rightfully so. The only catch is that you have to allow in anyone who identifies as a woman, and for some womyn this is simply unacceptable.

Working with men is also unacceptable to separatists, who want nothing to do with men — yet, without a proper working class resistance composed of cross-alliances of various sexes, races, and orientations, I am doubtful that separatism would succeed without falling into a recursion of internal class conflict between working class and bourgeois lesbians, since their sparse numbers leaves them ineffective for systemic change and easily conquered by capitalist imperialism.

This is why I join other womyn in protesting the colonization of women, since usually the people who really call the shots in what is appropriately feminist are liberals. This is also a dreadful state of affairs, that the manarchists don’t listen to real radical womyn, but it’s a side effect of the erasure of radical womyn from the left. They simply acknowledge no one other than these strange Queer Theorist academies and their priest representatives.

Yet I do this in lieu of an ideal alternative, which is a real anarcha-feminist group based on righting the wrongs done to us by all sides, the male imperialists and the female liberals, as we are being overwritten. I have heard that the original anarcha-feminists were absolutely not transactivists, which is obviously historically accurate since transactivism wasn’t a thing until the last decade. I also know the revisionism of transactivists retroactively transing anyone slightly gender nonconforming, and I know the influence that anarcha-feminists had on the radical feminist movement of the last century. The world needs anti-authoritarian, brave womyn to stare down, teeth bared, the male chauvanism of the Left.


2 thoughts on “Dear Anarcha-Feminist camarada!

  1. I share many of your views on feminism and such, but there might be a couple viewpoints on which I differ. I sense that you have a rather harsh view of men that contributes to feminism being represented as “man hating.” Do you see men in general as part of the patriarchy that oppresses women? Do you feel that men have a place in the feminist movement?

    I’d love to exchange ideas and brainstorm or collaborate with you. I don’t have much of anything on my blog at the moment but I will soon.


    1. Hi Feminist Housewife!

      I don’t play respectability politics! I hate my oppressor! I am sorry but I don’t have enough free time to discuss radical feminism 101, however I encourage you to read about radical feminism and come up with your own opinions đŸ™‚


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