My Anarchist Transhumanist Feminist Universe

This is a somewhat frivolous and fictional dream, but it keeps me going when I’m about to lose all hope in humanity. It’s frivolous because all that matters is that a society be anarchist (if anarchism entails feminism), and fictional because it’s about a world that doesn’t exist. It’s somewhat inspired by EclipsePhase.

In this world, filled with lavender and violet, and rain, and books, we live in a society based on shared power instead of social hierarchy (some call this matriarchy, but this is clearly anarchism). Nobody is in charge because everybody is in charge. People with certain expertise are valued regardless of their physical appearance. Social formations ebb and flow like the tide, according to ability and need.

But there is not one society. Instead, there are many. They may federate, or they may isolate. But anarchism is the way of life, the method of organization. Any time someone tries to rise into a position of authority, they are punished. We don’t view our society of equals as comprised of inherently good human beings, but we’re strong enough together to fight off the systematization of oppression.

Some of these groups are comprised of only certain kinds of people: female separatist anarchists who have formed a particular radical feminist culture and language that celebrates our femaleness and excludes all males. Perhaps we’d have our own planet?

The Venusians:

  • Female Singularians: Lesbians who treat maleness as a disease to be cured through transhumanist technology. They advocate transsexual metamorphosis and eugenics of all male creatures to turn them into females and eliminate the production of males. To them, every male alive must become female to prevent rape and other forms of male violence. A controversial group among just about everybody, because they were the first to discover how to conduct full cellular transformation to supercede male-to-female “transition” technologies. They angered vegans in particular because they started off by experimenting on male animals. Some of the vegans among these Female Singularians didn’t feel it was wrong, because they held male animals just like any other males in such low esteem.
    • The Female Singularians made a point of spreading femaleness all around the planet in an effort to cure the world of maleness. They didn’t kill, because they worshipped life, but they may have psychologically traumatized their unwilling patients for giving them “life”.
    • So what we have here, is an anarchist association of women who only behave anarchistically among other women, but make efforts to be as “inclusive” as possible by turning all the males into females through female imperialism.
    • Males were seen as errors to correct, because violence was in their nature. Only after men were converted into females would they be treated as equals. However, the Female Singularian ethos gave rise to female supremacism, engendering attitudes that men were subhuman.
    • Heterosexual women’s sexual desires was a foreign concept to them. Male sexual desire was viewed as inherently predatory, all the time.
    • The Female Singularians only ever had female children, because they removed the ability to reproduce males. They also found ways to reproduce with another female, so they would never have to ever deal with those disgusting males.
  • Neo-Radical Feminists: Born from the ashes of a now defunct women’s liberation movement that started on Earth, these Venusian women research bio- and social- technologies to eliminate male violence directly, without forcing men to become fully, biologically female, and while always safeguarding the needs of women.
    • When they came upon transwomen desiring to become women, they educated the transwomen about the option to have full cellular transformation, advocating it as a less invasive and painful, and calling out surgery as pseudoscience and a form of Millenial (which to them was Medieval) torture.
    • The women did not believe that biological transformation was enough to end male violence.
    • These women treated all men as worthy of personhood, despite their flaws, and aimed instead to improve them.
    • When a woman would have a male child, that child grew up to be a nonviolent (read: non-raping, non-battering, etc.) male thanks to their hard work and research into a cure for male violence.
  • Simple female separatists: Those who simply wish to wall off all men, either to live away from male violence, to experience lesbian normalcy, or both.
  • Female visitors from the outside who have come to learn about their ways and experience female-only space. Most of them visit temporarily, others settle down permanently.

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