Because It’s a Crime That I Get Angry

  1. When your last lesbian meetup group doesn’t see the need for “lesbians” anymore
  2. When all the dyke bars close down
  3. When Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival shuts down
  4. When you go on a date and get grilled about whether you’d have sex with a trans woman
  5. When the Dyke March isn’t the Dyke March
  6. When lesbians are afraid to talk to anyone about this part of themselves, not even to other lesbians, because they turn against each other over in the name of “inclusivity”
  7. When lesbians stop trying to find each other
  8. When no resistance has been built and all resistance has been torn down
  9. When lesbians are told they shouldn’t or don’t exist and when they complain they get told such a thing was never advocated
  10. When lesbians aren’t allowed to express concern about their communities

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