If Anarchists Really Supported Womyn

  1. They would kill all the rapists
  2. They would fuck shit up for the people who buy sex — i.e. redundant with item #1 — and they would treat pimps as worse than capitalists, because sexual slavery is worse than wage slavery
  3. They would go after all the batterers
  4. But first, they would have an actual TRIAL for each case to determine innocence and decide the appropriate, harsh punishment, not simply mob “justice”, which is no justice at all
  5. They would let women live with other women, and only women, no questions asked
  6. They would let lesbians be lesbians — female, and homosexual
  7. They would let women have their own safe spaces: physical spaces where only women are allowed, no questions asked
  8. They would stop watching, and start opposing, pornography
  9. They would stop partaking in, and start opposing, sadomasochism, A.K.A. “kink”, “BDSM”
  10. They would think twice before ever threatening or beating any woman for any reason
  11. They would call female people “women”, “womon”, “womyn”, and “woman” and recognize that female people exist, regardless of social perspectives on gender
  12. They would recognize that gender is more of a social construct in the same way that prison walls are a social construct, rather than an expression of freedom, and thus would seek to abolish it, along with phrases like “gender expression”, which should be deconstructed into irrelevance so they become as nonsensical as “colorless green ideas sleep furiously” or the “divine right of kings” or “slavery is freedom”.
  13. They wouldn’t try to fit people into feminine/masculine boxes based on their “gender expression”, since a butch woman is JUST as feminine as a femme woman, and a femme man is JUST as masculine as a butch man. We recognize that appearances can be deceiving, and it’s easy to make up lazy stereotypes, but your discomfort is less important than the personhood and honest biological truth of people who don’t fit your fixed idea of what a man or woman is supposed to look like.

It’s been long enough for me to realize that this issue is NOT going away, so I’m going to be the anarchist that I wish I knew, and open up a subreddit called /r/anarcha — see you there.


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