The Technology Question

I don’t know when patriarchy started. Some point to animals to say that all female animals have been fighting males as an existential danger for millenia, while others (the Marxist feminists) point to patriarchy as starting around the time agriculture began and men enslaved women as a means of production. The Marxist feminist theory is incomplete and doesn’t satisfy me since I don’t believe it is any kind of stage of history that we had to go through, only that it happened. I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with agriculture, but it is arguable that the exploitation of animals (especially of the forced insemination, i.e. rape, of female animals) that occurs on farms could lead those early farming men translating their farming skills from other animal species, to women of their own species, because domination is a corrupting influence. I’m not anti-agriculture — in fact, I have heard that women invented many things including agriculture, but it is hard to imagine women being responsible for cattle ranches… For example, who invented herding, was it men?

I notice that the new radical feminists, often influenced by Deep Green Resistance, are often critical of transhumanism. I’ve sometimes promoted transhumanism and was met with criticism of it being a very patriarchal ideology. I must say that I see where they are coming from. I am actually not primitivist at all, because I do not envy the indignities of living in the wild. Yet if I had a preferred society it would be a bright green futurism of a radical feminist conception, rather than the dystopic technologies slowly enveloping us by men seemingly determined to eradicate their own capacity for empathy, that pesky thing. Men’s inventions all tend to be torture devices, while women’s imaginations are a bit more healthy. Men’s transhumanism, i.e. humanist futurism, is predictable in its assessing “death” as the worst thing that could happen to humans. This false sweeping statement mutes our differences, much like humanism’s “we all bleed the same blood”. Women might feel differently — perhaps there are some fates worse than death, but how would he know? He’s a man.

Perhaps accelerating technology is a bad idea, if it means we — especially the most oppressed among us — get to be used as test subjects in mass experimentation and mass surveillance, manipulating us in the intimacy of our everyday lives. Technology should not accelerate unless patriarchy ends, this I am sure of. It already moves fast enough under capitalism, and under capitalism so many good inventions never see the light of day, especially when invented by women and people of color. If techno-patriarchy advances, then women everywhere will be subjected to total body and soul invasion. I know that we are only seeing the beginning of this with internet surveillance, street cameras, secret police, pornography, and the medicalization of womanhood. We should resist these patriarchal invasions, but not by going back to live in the woods, at least not permanently. If we women are inventors, then we women should invent.

I am very worried about what will happen when men construct artificial means of reproduction, where babies have no mother. Women would lose the very last ounce of power that they do have. That will be a very dystopian world and I think the only answer would be to escape. Maybe women will be freed of the burden of their wombs being used, but I think not, because men are too addicted to fucking women. They even made robots to practice on, but they always go back to us for “the real thing”. They would rather have women for pleasure-fucking, and control of babymaking so they can make more men like themselves. Again, we all want to live in a utopic world in balance with nature and human prosperity, but not if oppression can be smuggled in. Perhaps women will decide that humans as a species need to stop reproducing until we get it together because we are a total fiasco right now. I know I decided to not have children for that reason. Looking at the trajectory of technology, it seems that patriarchy has prioritized men’s sexual pleasure over halting the current mass extinction of countless species.

I think the only way we will save the planet and ourselves from this enslavement and the destruction of the earth will be to build autonomous powers that outlive the white male capitalist “societies” in the war of attrition they have wrought upon this earth. I don’t believe that any lesbian anarchist should be expected to join the war that the men are fighting — she does enough just by starving men of the power over her reproductive capacity. Some women are warriors whose fury cannot be quenched and would rather do the demolition work of anticapitalism. Lucy Parsons was such a woman, Assata Shakur was such a woman — not lesbians, that is, but warriors. The choice to join them is hers but I certainly think it comes at the expense of rebuilding lesbian communities in a time when they are so precious and so needed. Capitalism is doing its own demolition work and will probably trigger a bottleneck before we even reach fully automated luxury anarcho-communism; meanwhile communities are falling apart and need mending. So mend them, and defend them, since the automation of labor means there will come a time when we will be deemed expendable. Our unmarked graves are already planned, I’m sure — whether it’s as test subjects, genocide, or starvation. The future does not look good.


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