Privacy and the male gaze, pt. 1: the system

Man’s privacy is more valued than wimmin’s. A man does not have to provide many excuses for desiring an inner life untouched from dissection.

Not wimmin though! Women exist to be looked at by men. A womon who wills her invisibility provokes further scrutiny, for wimmin are not allowed to choose when they are seen or not seen. Wimmin are only allowed to become invisible when men have no use of us.

Men spy on wimmin because they can, because they hate us, because they are so envious of us, because they want to be us but can’t. So they covet us.

They destroy and dismember us so they can distance themselves from their own empty hearts, and, like cannibals, fill themselves with our tattered parts.

We can’t look away or we will die by their fire. Men punish wimmin’s attempts to escape their gaze.

Wimmin, their hearts full of valor, will always be brave and try.

The male gaze is institutionalized in three colluding, humiliating, physically and psychically intrusive and invasive, ways:

The medical, psychiactric, and pharmaceutical industry, where wimmin are subjected to the stultifying and invalidating gaze of male and male-indoctrinated doctors, and their biology and personhood is pathologized and manipulated to serve men’s interests.

The police state, the surveillance industrial complex, and the prison industrial complex, where wimmin are subjected to the violations of a militarized male gaze which seeks to conquer and chain her to him indefinitely, subjecting her to multiple unnecessary and invasive searches, where she is accorded no privacy or dignity ever, and endures unretaliable rapes.

The advertising industry, the entertainment industry, and the pornstitution/rape industrial complex, which turns wimmin into the object-spectacle that arms capitalism and disempowers wimmin as cult converts serving this spectacle, hacking us to pieces and putting us through the meat grinder to be served up to man in a manner pleasing to his cock and his ego, thereby whetting his appetite for the further raping and battering of wimmin, both paid and unpaid.


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