Statement in support of WoLF’s and Cathy Brennan’s work on gender identity reforms

I’ve had this one in the chamber for some months now. I saw it coming because I know the radical male left — but to be honest, it never really hit me until Cathy Brennan and her friends were ambushed in Olympia, WA by self-described communists and It’s Going Down (an anarchist publication with an antifascist focus) celebrated it. The pattern has only been confirmed with the attack on the Vancouver Women’s Library where, again, self-described communists (Trans Communist Cadre) are involved. This is to say nothing of the vitriol we have seen on the Internet for years, harassing and pushing out radical feminists.

What did I see coming? Rage. I definitely saw an incredible amount of rage boiling over by the latter half of 2016. I truly expected that the male left would be distracted with fighting fascists, the Trump regime, and punching Richard Spencer. That they would be too occupied with opposing the racist right to spend any more energy on radical feminists or other infighting. After all the years of Red Scares and Green Scares, the moment has come to prove themselves, to show what they can offer to the world.

How wrong I was! They went into overdrive. What happened was shocking: the incredible narcissistic rage of the male left exploding and wasting itself not on capitalists, but on wimmin. The literal societal/macro equivalent to the husband coming home to beat his wife because he is angry at his boss. Not even lesbians, spinsters, single wimmin, or children are spared. And perhaps, as I’ll explain, he is also mad because he feels the lefty female is cheating.

It has come to my attention that feminist groups have been suffering as a result of the accusation that they are “working with the right”. This has been flying around social media echo chambers for some time — for decades, actually, if you consider previous legal work feminists have done on pornography and prostitution. It’s not a surprising response from the left, since the left will never fail to compare radical feminists to Christian conservatives. Yet for some reason, the male left decided to be most angry at this now. Feminists are being used as punching bags to sublimate the male left’s indignation and feelings of inefficacy.

The worst part: the male left succeeded in confusing wimmin. They are expected to be feminist and dictate what feminism is.

They would like wimmin to live in a world of self-censure and immaculate allyship, a world where the only men and wimmin acceptable to work with are those on their own team. In return for this loyalty, the lefty female gets to feel that she is “good”, and in her own thoughts she is “better” even than the lefty male whose self and canonized heroes are riddled with character flaws and tainted track records. But the male left hates when wimmin take the dyke-ish route of prioritizing solidarity with other wimmin, not dissimilar to how racial minorities prioritize solidarity with their own collective . The male left hates more than anything in the whole world wimmin’s solidarity with other wimmin at the expense of leftist men — this is an unforgivable sin in lefty land, as evidenced by the disproportionate respect paid to black liberationists over radical feminists, because they respect oppressed groups only as long as such groups contain men. Malcom X’s birthday is consistently celebrated, while Andrea Dworkin has almost never been acknowledged much less respected. For male politicos no matter what their label, oppressed classes are only listened to and respected according to their proximity to men and compatibility with patriarchy, and to the degree they can be twisted in order to fit the patriarchal imperative and flatter male egos.

However the male left, in their outrage at radical feminists, shows gobsmacking ignorance of their own political theory and practice. This is likely the same outrage that led to the disrespect of the Zapatistas, the Black Panthers, and other liberation movements, which caused leftists to be accused of showing hypocritical racism, sexism, and even imperialism. Some leftists disrespect even Rojava as it unfolds now for not being pure enough. Yet they still tokenize all these groups. Now I understand how insulting this is. Why does the distinctly Western male left feel such a need to control liberation movements outside their walled gardens?


It’s easy to get shocked at reformist feminist groups for appealing to the Establishment for help with their cause, but that’s what reformist groups do and no one should really be shocked by that. It might make radicals uncomfortable but that’s because your expectations are not right. Also, who cares?

The tactic of appealing to the Establishment can be deradicalizing if the reforms sought are not worth it, but let’s not pretend for a second that being a radical means being against reforms altogether. It’s childish thinking to believe that accepting aid from your political rivals is going to compromise you or make you their puppet. It’s not as clear cut as that.

If winning reforms, which are inevitably temporary, defines all you do, then that is reformism. No revolutionary movement was ever won by a series of compromises. Yet this can change over time within the same organization — would anyone disagree that unions have become pretty reformist? But anarchists with any modicum of empathy and experience of being under the boot of oppression should understand that to be against reforms is to be against making life better in the short term. We are not idealists, we are materialists, and that means recognizing and responding to our material conditions.

If some people feel that to win welfare, to win the right to be viewed as a full human being, to win the right to not be executed at will, is worth working with conservatives, you won’t oppose that, will you? Then don’t be shocked when feminists do the same.

It is unacceptable and exceedingly sexist for anarchists and communists, including antifa, as well as the liberal transactivists with whom the male left collaborates, to use this “allying with the right” argument to justify physically assaulting and smearing the reputations of feminists who work to make women’s lives livable, and going as far as to call radical anarchafeminists “fascist” for having sympathies with our radical feminist sisters. In particular, the radical male left’s allyship with conservative and liberal transactivists, as well as their historical collaboration with conservatives on other issues, reveals the hypocrisy of their claims. The betrayal (and erasure) that the entire radical male left has shown anarchafeminists will not soon be forgotten. We don’t look the other way when you attack our non-anarchist sisters, either. We see what you do. And we know better than you who is acting “fascist”.


In truth, the male left deserves a full analysis on their fascistic tendencies, and that’s coming. Whether they truly qualify as fascist remains to be seen, but one thing they certainly qualify as is “patriarchal”, which is a prerequisite for fascism that radical feminists will never come close to meeting. And by wasting their energies on masturbatory fantasies of rape and murder of radical wimmin, these male “radicals” are wasting whatever use they are or were to revolutionizing the economy. I’ve given up all hope of these deluded men achieving meaningful change. Only the female left can bring us forward.

The most concerning thing in all of this is wimmin’s role in betraying other wimmin. There have been wimmin and lesbians involved in abusing feminists.  To be honest, this part is not surprising either, because patriarchy requires that we are pitted against each other. But it is the most upsetting.

Of course, any anarchist or communist on the radical left is free to disown these abusers but it seems that either violence against wimmin is worth celebrating, or no one cares. Please write to me if you disagree. Over my continual engagement with the male left I have seen nothing but disrespect. We can call this a clever CIA plot to turn labor activists against feminists, or vice versa, but this wouldn’t be an issue if the male left weren’t so patriarchal. Manarchists and brocialists will always get away with abusing feminists until anarchism and communism accept their destiny to be absorbed by radical feminism, the disowned daughter of the radical left.


3 thoughts on “Statement in support of WoLF’s and Cathy Brennan’s work on gender identity reforms

  1. I’d like to see examples of “wimmin and lesbians involved in abusing feminists” because I am not aware of this. I have seen internal debates and disagreement about strategies, and in such contexts I think we ought to be VERY careful about what we label “abuse.”


    1. I mean what I say. If you are familiar with the situation, you’ll notice that libfems occasionally act the role of token torturers in the doxxing, stalking, harassment, and violence against us. Watch what happened to Cathy, for example.


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