If you think man-hating is a problem, read this

Either I am looking in the wrong place, or little is written about man-hating. I’ll admit that plenty of feminists say that feminists don’t hate the male sex. I would say that it is definitely not a core part of feminist tactics or theory: it’s an emotional experience that erupts after wimmin are mistreated to such an extent that they cannot trust men as a whole anymore. It is definitely something that happens, sometimes to feminists and sometimes to regular wimmin — but it is a common experience to wimmin of all kinds, and therefore I think it is relevant to anarchafeminism.

Hatred of the male sex is not an illness to be cured, an oppression to fight, or a bad attitude. It is a consequence and a symptom of wimmin living under patriarchy. Attempting to directly remove wimmin’s animosity towards the male sex is an act of emotional manipulation, a power play, and an act of silencing wimmin. By meddling with this emotion, you meddle with the only defense a womon has against the dangers of men. By numbing herself, she may end up getting hurt once more. We know that men would rather that wimmin’s emotions be numbed just as wimmin’s bodies be dead. By numbing her, you tell her you’d rather she be dead. Wise wimmin know better than to heed the naysaying against man-hating, and encourage wimmin to trust their survival instincts.

I believe that the reason wimmin hate the male sex, by and large, is because men rape us, kill us, and put us into slavery. Every other reason is extra fuel to the fire. Wimmin want to believe that the male sex is human just like them. After all, men are everywhere, so they can’t easily be ignored. Therefore, wimmin tend to forgive men for many things. But some things are unforgiveable.

If man-hating makes you uncomfortable: the only way man-hating could stand a chance of disappearing is not by attacking wimmin’s emotions, but by attacking the root cause: wimmin’s oppression by the male sex. Rape must end, at the very least.


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